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About The GCXBU Gaming

I know that there are so many people in the world that don't know who I am? Well, I am an infamous gaming YouTuber trying my best to entertain gamers all over the world through the games that I play on Nintendo and Sony gaming systems and handhelds that I own. Apparently, I have debuted on YouTube on my birthday of September 12, 2008 with my very first YouTube channel: "GCXtremeBoomboxUnit", which happens to be my entertainment channel now. But before I had my gaming channel, all the video game Let's Plays were originally from my entertainment channel. However, when I first made my gaming channel on December 1, 2011. I started to repost my old Let's Play series from my entertainment channel to my gaming channel. I have Let's Plays from my first gaming channel with a lot of views and comments from a lot of subscribers since 2011. But now, I had no choice to delete them and start all over again on my gaming channel and trying to build up my popularity using my secondary gaming channel as I called it: "The GCXBU Gaming", which happens to be my better gaming channel than the old gaming channel of "GCXBU".